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17 November 2007 @ 09:37 pm
Ello, friends  
So to get a little more jumpstart on this community I thought I'd post some updates.

First I'd like to thank denwa for the beautiful layout that we were in dire need of XD
It looks wonderful!

Onto the news!

He'll be playing some solo concerts around Korean in November and December, the dates are as followed...

Wheesung Realslow Concert 2007 WHEESHOW - Daegu
Date/Time: 24th (7.30pm) & 25th (7.30pm) November 2007
Location: 대구 전시컨벤션 5층 2홀
Ticket price: R: 77,000 Won / S: 66, 000 Won

Wheesung Realslow Concert 2007 WHEESHOW - Daejeon
Date/Time: 1st (8pm) & 2nd (7.30pm) December 2007
Location: 충남대 정심화홀
Ticket price: R: 66,000 Won / S: 55,000 Won

It is also said that his next single to be promoted is the ballad "Even If You Get Hurt". Wheesung said, “All the songs in this album have been receiving good evaluations, it’s very hard to choose the follow-up song (to the first title song)”. He added that he needs to make it clear that the important point in the selection preparation is popularity

If anything else turns up, I'll be sure to let everyone know. In the mean time, if you have any news of your own or just feel like posting anything Wheesung related, don't hesitate :)

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